An under-used town garden that originally featured a short sloped lawn with boundary hedging plants.

The client required a space that would still work for her growing family of young children, as well as providing room for a home office with more colour and interest in the planting.

Combining stone and sleepers, we created a linking pathway to the home office and retained a large part of the lawn, shaping it to lead the way around the garden and increasing the sense of space. The Lawn passes a bubbling water feature and borders of mixed shrubs and herbaceous. Warmer plant colours were chosen at the top of the garden to brighten the space that is bordered by woodland, and passing downhill to a cooler section at the lower end of the garden with a timber graded wall. The children gained their own play area built on a raised playbark border with a trampoline, masked by ornamental grasses and a beautiful Betula jacquemontii birch.